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Anti-corruption Agenda

Corruption can be defined as a relationship between two subjects, either individuals or institutions, where one of the two subjects offers, and usually also provides, some type of remuneration in exchange for provision or promise of an unlawful advantage. The other subject expects to receive a reciprocal service of a material or non-material nature for the provided advantage. Corruption occurs in politics, the economy as well as other areas of society. It is present in every country of the world. Countries rich and poor, large and small, all have their own specific forms of corruption; every area of human activity can potentially be corrupted. Fighting against corruption is a long-term process that requires the cooperation of all state administration components and includes prevention, process transparency and sanctions. In many cases, corrupt practices are closely related to other forms of criminal activity and can thus play a role in undermining the foundations of society. This can result in a loss of citizens’ confidence in the fairness and impartiality of the functioning of state institutions, crooked market relations, economic decay, destabilisation of the state and other adverse effects. Corruption can also endanger the internal and external security of the state.

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